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How Form Cove Protects Concrete Wall and Floor Seams

The most vulnerable part of your entire concrete floor is where the floor and wall meet. In the industry, we call this a wall and floor seam and it is where water can get in and slowly destroy your expensive concrete floor. Here is how our FormCove Penntek Product protects the seam between your concrete wall and floor.

Form Cove creates a watertight seal that is molded to fit your concrete. This prevents any bacteria from forming in between your concrete floor and wall and slowly destroying your concrete. On top of this Form Cove when installed properly is extremely durable and can withstand any form of normal abrasive action. Both of these factors when combined create an impenetrable shield for the wall and floor seam of your concrete.

It is important that Form Cove is installed by a team of professionals who are trained by AmVett to ensure that your concrete is completely protected. AmVett is the dealer of choice for Breard County Florida for Penntek Products. If you are on the fence about what your concrete needs to be protected against the Florida weather then feel free to reach out to us for a no-obligation discussion; we will give you an honest answer as to what you need.

Let’s jump right into how exactly Form Cove protects the floor and wall seam of your concrete.

Form Cove Prevents Water From Getting Into the Small Crack Between Your Concrete’s Floor and Wall Seam

One of the main reasons that Form Cove protects the floor and wall seam of your concrete is because it forms a waterproof barrier that prevents water and bacteria buildup from building up.

Here in Brevard County, Florida, water buildup and bacteria can wreak havoc on your concrete. Often when we show up at a clients home or office to provide concrete coating services we see substantial discoloring and even damage from water buildup in the floor and wall seam. While we can fix this it is substantially easier to prevent it; which is why we offer Form Cove to protect the most vulnerable part of your concreate floor.

How Form Cove works is by applying a highly durable and waterproof seal to the wall and floor seam. We mold the Form Cove to fit your floorplan’s exact dimensions so there is nothing to worry about. When Form Cove is applied by a team of professionals it will ‘hug’ the base of your wall.

The best part about Form Cove is its ease of cleaning. Since it is molded to fit the dimensions of your wall and it is waterproof you can treat it just like the rest of your concrete floor when cleaning. No longer will you have to be careful about pushing water under the wall of your concrete, with Form Cove you can push the water all around the floor and it won’t get into an area it can’t evaporate from.

Not only will Form Cove make cleaning easy but it will prolong the life of your concrete. On top of this, we can mix any style to fit your individual style of floor covering.

Form Cove Is Extremely Durable And Can Withstand Nearly Anything You Can Throw At It

One of the best things about Form Cove is just how durable it is. When installed professionally you can rest easy knowing that there is just about nothing out there that can damage your concrete.

The reason that Form Cove is so durable comes down to how we mix our polyurea to create a flexible and durable concrete covering. Unlike other concrete floor coatings such as epoxy that crack over time, our polyurea will continue to be flexible even in the hot Florida sun. This is because polyurea never truly settles and hardens. This allows it to remain flexible while also protecting your concrete for several years to come.

Form Cove for your wall and floor seam is the perfect use of polyurea to create a nearly impenetrable barrier. Trust us, polyurea is built to withstand anything you can throw, roll, or walk over it. This goes for all products which use polyurea including Form Cove. Since we mold the polyurea to your individual wall and floor seam you get a tailor-fit product for your individual concrete.

If you are in the market to find a way to protect your concreate’s wall and floor seam there is no better product than our Form Cove system. Not only do we custom fit and design it for your concreate’s needs but we also have it professionally installed for a cost-effective price.


If you are looking for a way to protect your concrete in Brevard County, Florida, then you have come to the right place. Here at AmVet Concrete Coatings, we offer cost-effective products and services to make sure that your concrete will outlast just about everything surrounding it. If you are interested in further information I suggest you look at our reviews and reach out to us for a no-obligation discussion surrounding your concreates needs.

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