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AmVet: 3 Reasons to Go With Us for Your Garage Coating

Across Brevard County people are starting to look for their next major home improvement. Often at the top of this list is a way to protect the concrete of your house while also making it ‘pop’ to the eye. The best way to do this is to go with a new garage floor coating from AmVett!

When selecting to apply your next concrete coating here in Brevard make sure you keep us here at AmVett in mind for 3 major reasons. First, here at AmVett we are a local Veteran owned company in the Brevard area. Second, we provide top-of-line garage floor coatings at cost-effective rates. Third, we are a local company that takes pride in servicing and providing Brevard with the best concrete coating options on the market.

Here at AmVett, we provide the industry-leading concrete coating; polyurea from Pentek. Our coatings come with a 15-year warranty and will outlast anything you can throw or roll over them. If your one the fence about if one of our coatings are the right choice for your project then simply reach out to us by clicking here and we will be happy to give you an honest answer.

Reason 1: AmVet Is a Local Veteran Owned Business

One of the major reasons to go with AmVet as your concrete coating company of choice is that we are a local veteran-owned business.

One of our owners, Troy, served in the U.S. Airforce for over 33 years as a jet propulsion mechanic and production controller. After earning several medals and a degree Troy retired in 2018 to start AmVet and continue serving his local community.

We take the same level of dedication and professionalism and apply it to every single project we work on. Here at AmVet we specialize in providing the industry’s leading concrete coatings that come with a 15-year warranty! There is no project that we cant tailor our service to so if you have a question on if these coatings are the right choice for you then reach out to us by clicking here.

Reason 2: AmVet Provides the Best in Class Garage Floor Coatings for Cost Effective Rates

Another reason to choose AmVet to install your next concrete or garage floor coating is that we provide the industry-leading concrete coating product; polyurea.

Unlike Epoxy coatings which can fade, crack, and yellow over time a polyurea coating is nearly indestructible and will hold up to anything you can roll or throw over it. Some of our polyurea coatings have been in the field for as long as we have been around.

These polyurea coatings are so durable that we have installed them in factory warehouses where extremely heavy equipment has rolled over them 24 hours a day. Trust us when we say that polyurea can withstand anything that a house setting can throw at it.

On top of this, our polyurea coatings are specially formulated to be as cost-effective as possible. Our installation techs are trained to install your coating in as little time as possible. We can have our team out to your home and done with the instalation and ready to go in as little as 24 hours! When you compare this to other companies that take upwards of 3 days that is an amazing turnaround time.

Reason 3: AmVet Is a Locally Owned Business That Operates in the Brevard Area

The third reason why you should remember AmVet when looking for a concrete coating in the Brevard area is that we are a locally owned and operated business.

When you go with a locally owned business to install your polyurea coating you are getting a level of accountability and professionalism that you won’t find anywhere else. Our coatings are designed to outlast everything else around it so that is a lot of years of making sure our product holds up.

Since we live and operate in the greater Brevard area we see our work on a daily basis. We love helping our neighbors protect the concrete in their homes or offices. Because of this, we are accountable to those that we service. We make sure that every single job we work leaves the property owner 100% satisfied.

If you are on the fence about if one of these coatings is the right choice for you then I highly suggest you check out our reviews section on our website. There you will find the latest reviews and see for yourself how our clients are left amazed by our service and product.

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