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Why You Should Coat Your Rockledge Pool Deck

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Getting a new concrete coating on your pool deck is one of the best things you can do for your Rockledge home. There are 3 major reasons why you should be considering coating your pool deck. Not only do our pool deck coatings look great but they are also functional and cost-effective!

When considering getting your pool deck’s concrete coated there are 3 things you should know. First, make sure your pool deck concrete coating is waterproof and chemical resistant. Second, it is going to take about 1-3 days before you can use your pool as the coating will need to harden. Third, ensure that the pool coating that you select is resistant to UV damage.

Here at AmVet Concrete Coatings LLC, we pride ourselves on installing the best concrete coatings in Brevard County. Part of the services that we offer are pool deck concrete coatings and we can tailor our services to fit your individual project. If you are on the fence about if one of these coatings is right for your project then reach out to us today! We will give you an honest answer as to what type of coating is the best choice for you.

When Getting a New Pool Deck Concrete Coating Make Sure It Is Waterproof and Chemical Resistant

You would be surprised at how many homeowners forget to make sure that the concrete coating is not ‘water-resistant’ but instead ‘waterproof.’ The first thing about getting one of these concrete coatings for your pool’s concrete is to make sure the water of the pool won’t destroy the coating over time.

This is why a polyurea coating is the best choice for most pool deck applications. Our polyurea coatings are completely waterproof because they are built with a polymer. Epoxy coatings on the other hand are built using an aged resin compound that is not completely waterproof.

On top of this homeowners need to make sure that their coating is also chemical resistant. This is because of the chlorine that is often used to clean pools. If your coating is not specialty made to withstand this chemical then it will slowly degrade over time. Our polyurea coatings are the most durable in the business and will withstand years of wear and tear.

Depending on Your Choice of Coating It Is Going to Take Between 1-3 Days for It to Harden

Here is another thing that homeowners in Rockledge need to factor in when deciding which pool concrete coating is best for them. Depending on which pool coating they choose it will take between 1-3 days to fully harden and your pool be ready for use.

An epoxy coating is going to take around 2-3 days to fully harden and be ready for you to use. This is because epoxy is made with an organic resin compound that will cure to an extremely hard and non-flexible state. This takes time and at any point, over this 2-3 day period the epoxy might become damaged.

Our polyurea coatings on the other hand will cure in about 1 day. The reason that our coatings are faster is that a polyurea coating never fully hardens. While it will be more than durable enough to protect your concrete from anything you can throw or roll over it the coating will also remain flexible to allow for it to ‘flow’ under the top layer of hardener. This means that your polyurea coating will have a two-layer system instead of just one.

The reason that homeowners need to factor in the time it takes for a coating to harden into their choice is that during this window damage could occur to their new coating. For example, If a coating is installed and then a tree limb falls on it then it might be damaged. This is why we use a polyurea compound for our coatings because the time window for hardening is significantly smaller; which also means that you can get to enjoying your pool faster.

Ensure That Your Pool Coating Is Uv Resistant and Will Not Fade

Finally, the third thing that Rockledge pool owners need to factor in when picking their concrete pool coating is to pick a coating that is fully UV resistant and will not fade.

There are two types of coatings on the market today. First, there is epoxy. The second, is a polyurea. Only one of these coatings will not ‘yellow’ or fade over time due to being exposed to sunlight. The answer is polyurea.

The reason that an epoxy coating will fade or yellow over time is because of the organic resin compound that is used to harden the epoxy coating. Since this resin is organic it will start to fade over time when exposed to direct sunlight. While the epoxy will fade it might take upwards of a year before you start to notice that spots are starting to form on your pool deck.

Our polyurea coatings on the other hand are synthetic. We use a safe synthetic resin to build the first layer which protects the concrete itself. After this, we install the other layers which add durability, texture, color, and chemical resistance. Each of these layers is also resistant to UV damage and will not fade. Because of this layering effect, you will get an extremely durable and UV-resistant pool coating that will fade, crack, or ‘yellow’ over time.

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