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The Life Expectancy of Concrete Coatings In Brevard

When it comes to concrete coatings in Brevard we are the experts. We often get the same questions asked from current or potential clients. One of these questions that we always get asked revolves around just how long these polyurea concrete coatings last. Well, here is all the information you will ever need.

Generally speaking, a properly installed polyurea coating will last longer than 15 years. This is because of how the coating is built and installed. For the past 30 years polyurea coatings have been applied to heavy industry and just now have been adapted to residential settings. Because of this, you can rest easy knowing that your coating will outlast everything else around it.

Here at Amvet Concrete Coatings, we pride ourselves on being Brevard’s number 1 concrete coating company of choice. We can tailor fit our polyurea coatings to any concrete job to ensure that you get not only the maximum bang for your buck but also get some jaw-dropping designs and colors. if you are on the fence about if one of these coatings are the right choice for you then simply reach out to us by clicking here; we will give you a no-obligation consultation to see if our products are the right choice for you.

How Long Does A Polyurea Coating Last?

Well, the short answer is that polyurea coatings last longer than 15 years when installed properly.

We can’t give any more data on the length of our polyurea concrete coatings because there simply have not been any residential polyurea coatings out there that are over 15 years old. Remember, that it has only been in the last couple of years that polyurea concrete coatings started to make their way onto the concrete of homeowners.

We are so confident that our coatings will not peel or crack that all of our polyurea concrete coatings come with a limited lifetime warranty. Try to find this deal at any other dealer that deals with epoxy coatings. You can’t and the reason why is because an epoxy coating will only last around 2-5 years.

Our polyurea coatings last so long because they are built from a completely different type of base coat. An epoxy coat is built using a carbon-based coat that will peel, crack, and fade in color. Our polyurea coatings on the other hand are built using a safe synthetic compound that can flex while remaining extremely durable. As a result, our coatings will bend but not break.

Further, our coatings absorb UV light and don’t degrade when covered in chemicals. This is because we build out all of our coatings to be nearly impenetrable.

Because of this, the general lifetime of a polyurea coating is longer than 15 years. Chances are in 20 years a vast majority of these coatings will still be in pristine shape and lasting well over 40 years.

Why Don’t Epoxy Coatings Last as Long as Polyurea Ones?

The answer here is how the coatings are built. An epoxy coating is built using a hardened carbon compound while a polyurea one is built using a flexible synthetic one.

You might be thinking that the harder the concrete coating the better right? Well, this is wrong for one major reason. Epoxy is rigid while polyurea is flexible.

A hard epoxy coating can not absorb impacts from cars and dropped tools very well. This is because the epoxy coating is built like glass. As soon as pressure hits the epoxy coating it is spread across the entire coating and if the pressure crosses a certain threshold then the coating will crack.

Polyurea coatings on the other hand are flexible and will absorb the blow of the pressure from the car or tool. The pressure will actually cause the polyurea coating to concave a little bit and like a rubber band snaps back to its original shape. Don’t worry this ‘elasticity’ of the polyurea never goes away because the entire floor is built using several of these polyurea layers on top of each other.

Further, the concrete of your garage or patio is constantly in a shifting pattern. If you mark your concrete and come back a decade later you will find that the spot has shifted locations. This is because concrete remains in a state of ‘flow’ even though you hardly see it.

This is because the concrete is shifting to match the foundation of your property. Land always shifts and concrete is designed to adapt to this shifting. Since epoxy can’t shift or be flexible it will eventually crack as the concrete adapts.

This is why we here at AmVet only install polyurea coatings. Our polyurea coatings shift with the concrete while remaining durable enough to prevent any and all damage to your concrete foundation. As a result of this, your concrete is almost invincible to anything you can roll or throw over it.

Getting in Touch With AmVett for Polyurea Coatings

If you are interested in our lineup of the industry’s best polyurea coatings then I highly suggest you reach out to us. We are a veteran-owned and honest company and wouldn’t feel comfortable charging you for a product you do not need.

We make sure that you get exactly what you want and that the job is done the right time the first time. This is why we work with you to tailor our product and service to fit your needs. If you are interested in our recent past jobs then I highly suggest you check out our gallery by clicking here!

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